Thank you for taking the time to visit our cat grooming information page.  We hope that this information will be useful but if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01753 842577.

As a cat owner you will fully appreciate just how different they are from dogs in terms of needs, temperament and personality.  In order to keep your cat's experience with us as calm and as positive as possible we only take bookings from 3.30pm allowing for a dog free environment.  We have a designated Saturday afternoon set aside for cats once per month

Coat types   
Medium and long coated cats can become severely matted and the only way to remove this is with clipping.  We will need to use a very short blade length, leaving your cat with a smooth short finish to the coat.  Under no circumstances will we attempt to remove these with a comb.  It would be far too painful and distressing for your cat.  Our policy is "humanity before vanity" in all cases.  Some small  knots can be removed with a comb as long as your cat is a willing participant.  If you are unsure of your cats coat condition and would like advice prior to your booking , you are very welcome to call into the salon with your cat for us to assess it for you.  

We do not routinely bath and dry cats.  They are fastidious by nature about cleanliness and need no assistance.  If your cat has suddenly stopped grooming itself there may be an underlying health issue such as dental pain and a check up with your Vet is advised.  If your cat needs bathing due to unforeseen circumstances such as being covered in paint or oil ( we’ve seen it all !) please call the salon to discuss how we can help.

Pricing Structure
Our pricing structure for cats reflects the amount of care, attention and additional time involved in this specialised area of grooming . We will always use two members of staff per cat to assist in handling and reassuring your cat during its time with us.

  • Nails £ 8.50  
  • Brush through of coat requiring no matt removal,including nail trim, feet tidy and ear cleaning £30.00. 
  • Brush though with basic matt removal including nail trim, feet tidy and ear cleaning £ 45.00  
  • Clipping of entire coat due to severe matting between £65.00 - £85.00 depending on time taken  
  • Bath and dry from £45.00 
  • Hygiene trim of back end to include nail trim, feet tidy and ear cleaning £35.00

We ask you to pay a £25.00 deposit when you book your appointment.  This is to cover our costs for a missed appointment should your cat decide to go out for the day without telling you!  We suggest that on the day of your appointment you keep your cat indoors to prevent it from escaping.  Should you not be able to keep your appointment your deposit is not refundable. Please note that this also applies to abandoned appointments due to a cat being too difficult to handle.  If you think that your cat will be too difficult to deal with we suggest you speak to your Vet about sedation prior to grooming.